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If you own or manage a business with 20 – 200 staff, you make decisions about IT … what to purchase, how to maintain it so it keeps pace with your needs, and what to do if something goes wrong.

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Your business is growing, and you don’t want to fly by the seat of your IT pants anymore – you are ready for an IT service provider.

Congratulations – you’re on the way up! And now that you’ve seen a few employees come and go, you rightly have concerns about IT security and putting best practices in place. Your small team is a well-oiled machine … but when there are IT issues, work grinds to a halt and everyone relies on you to solve them.

When it no longer makes sense for you to be the in-house IT expert, here’s how Streamline IT can help –

  • With IT support services that scale along with your growth, we can put top-notch security protocols in place and provide on-demand support, at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an experienced IT manager.
  • Our own small-biz mindset means we understand your desire to keep overhead low. We can scale along with your growth, with more service when you need it and less when you don’t. If your activity slows down for any reason, we can adjust – and you won’t have to lay anyone off.
  • We’ll always right-size your solution and keep your setup as simple as possible.

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You have an IT service provider – but for whatever reason, or set of reasons, you aren’t happy.

You crossed the bridge to outsource for IT services some time ago. The relationship started well, but you and your team are increasingly frustrated by slow response times, inexperienced tech support staff and the feeling that you are just another number in a queue. Plus, you’re weary of complicated billing and overcharges you can’t track.

Your IT setup is complex enough that it makes no sense to take it back in-house. You want to find a new managed services provider, but have real concerns about the risk of making a change. Here’s how Streamline IT can help –

First, we understand your concerns and have taken those calls before. We can advise you on how to minimize risk and retain control if you must disconnect with your current provider. And we’re professionals who will never pressure you to make a change.

  • We don’t claim to be perfect, but we do guarantee that we’ll listen to your concerns and strive to improve the way we serve your needs.
  • Unlike the tiered help desk system used by many IT support services, we set you up with a dedicated technical advisor who’s committed to understand your unique business, and who will serve as your first point of contact for all support requests. This means we can cut to the chase to solve problems, and be proactive as we see issues recur.
  • We recognize that your business is your business, not ours, and pledge complete transparency about everything we do on your behalf.

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You have in-house IT staff but need additional resources to support them.

Your IT staff is outstanding, but situations arise where their resources get stretched enough to compromise operations. When they are short-handed or immersed in a large project, they can’t consistently support the rest of your team.

If you have periodic needs for additional or specialized IT expertise, here’s how Streamline IT can help –

We offer short-term engagements to guide network design, configure servers or implement cloud services.

  • We can provide a deeper bench of resources, acting as tier 2-3 support or pick up general overflow requests.
  • We bring specialized expertise to procurement, structuring managed services and big-picture systems planning and budgeting.

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Streamline IT works with small to mid-sized business across Toronto and the GTA, including:

Law Firms
Marketing Firms
Dental Clinics
Accounting Firms
Medical Facilities
Manufacturing Companies
Automotive Companies

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