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At Streamline IT, we strive to provide professional, customized, human-to-human IT support – configured for the needs of your business, not ours. Our outsourced IT services cover the complete spectrum of business IT needs.

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Dedicated Advisor Support

Your business depends on your team, and your team depends on IT. As a client-partner, you’ll work directly with one of our dedicated technical advisors. This experienced IT professional serves as your first point of contact for any service request, which means you’ll always speak to someone familiar with your business, your IT setup and your staff.
You save time on support requests because there’s no reinventing the wheel every time you call. We’ll spot a bug before it becomes chronic or disabling, and ensure your equipment and software stay ahead of the curve.

IT Vendor Management

In today’s IT world, there’s no getting around requirements for various subscriptions and licenses. It can be frustrating to manage multiple vendors, and challenging to measure cost to value. We’ll step in to inventory what you have, assess what you actually need and use, and reduce vendor overlap so you only pay for what makes sense.

IT Systems Planning

Without a plan for the big picture, IT can be a black hole for your operating budget. We help our client-partners right-size their IT solutions for what they need today, while helping them prepare wisely for future growth. When the time comes to move to a different platform or application, we’ll manage your transition effectively so your business doesn’t miss a beat.


Unlimited support allows us to provide the support you need without billing for every hour, call, and visit. It allows us to do everything we need to become your full IT department without a concern about billing for the time we spend.

We retain our clients by our excellent work, not by lengthy contract terms. While the industry standard is to sign yearly contracts, we only ask 30 days’ notice of disengagement if you choose to do so at any point.

Please check your individual plan, however typically, everything related to supporting and maintaining your staff and IT environment is included.

Our unlimited support plans are designed to include any support required to maintain daily business operations. Projects such as moving equipment, installing hardware, or setting up new software are quoted separately.

Certainly, in fact we encourage every client of ours to have regular visits. Most productivity affecting IT issues go ignored until the IT person “walks past”. Please talk to us about scheduling regular on-site visits for your business.

Most of our pricing is based on a per user basis, we automatically adjust pricing up or down based on the number of active staff working on your team.

Our helpdesk is available 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday excluding Ontario’s statutory holidays.

We are here to support you 24x7x365. While we may not be able to respond as fast as we can during business hours, we always have technicians on-call. There is a nominal fee for support provided outside of business hours.

Streamline IT enhances and supports your internal IT team by providing them unlimited access to seasoned IT professionals who can assist with complex issues, or take over flow tickets when they are too busy. Streamline also provides operational procedures and includes tools that will enhance the efficiency of how your IT team operates, and your companies IT security posture in general.

Usually in co-managed environments, the internal IT team will be the first ones to assist staff with issues, if the issue is too complex for them, they will escalate that issue to Streamline who will help them resolve it. Streamline normally looks after monitoring, maintenance and change requests to IT infrastructure such as servers, networking equipment, and cloud services. Streamline meets with and advises business leaders on developing and budgeting an IT roadmap.

We can help you with:

Network Security
On-call help desk
On-site service
Disaster recovery
Cloud backups
System reliability
Technology planning

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