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Launched in 2009, Streamline IT started as a one individual with a modest plan: provide area businesses with reliable, trustworthy resources for IT planning and support.

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Best-fit clients turned out to be people who saw better outcomes for their business when they could work with an IT professional with whom they had a direct, personal connection. Someone with a holistic approach, who believed that understanding the client’s business (and the people who make it tick) was just as important as being able to install equipment and fix pesky problems.

Yes, Streamline IT is not just one person anymore. But that early intent still guides everything we do, including how we assign a dedicated technical advisor (along with their direct line) to every client-partner.

Our Values

At Streamline IT, we act to align with 3 core values. These values permeate everything we do.


  • Act at all times in the best interest of our client-partners.
  • Build trust and credibility with our client-partners through our proactive commitment to their business and our ability to provide reliable and progressive solutions.
  • Measure client-partner satisfaction is a critical measure of our business performance.


  • Be passionate about IT solutions; lead by example every day; deliver our mission through our actions, and not just our intentions.
  • Adopt continuous learning and improvement processes to provide industry-leading solutions to our client-partners.
  • Engage respectfully and exemplify professionalism during all interactions with client-partners.


  • Drive success by proactively sharing solutions and supporting the team.
  • Build our team to include our client-partners, and ensure we serve their interests as our own.
  • Work as a team with client-partners and third-party vendors to find solutions when issues arise.

Meet Our Team

Adrian Scutti

Adrian Scutti


Adrian’s fix-anything-IT roots go back to grade school, where he was go-to resource for friends and family for any kind of tech or computer problem. After working as an IT technician for several Toronto-area companies, he saw the need for a higher level of client service and made it Streamline IT’s mission to deliver it.

“We don’t want to just sell you the latest and greatest technology solution and leave. We install it, support it and when it gets old, we replace. We’re with you through the entire lifecycle of your investment, to make sure you get maximum performance for the money you spend.”

Corey Haecker

Corey Haecker

Director of IT Services

Corey came to Streamline IT as employee #2, after working in various technical positions at BMO and Harley Davidson. His in-depth technical knowledge and outstanding commitment to customer service served as the blueprint for the firm’s dedicated technical advisor role.

“At Streamline IT, we build in extra time when we onboard a new client-partner, so their dedicated technical advisor can really learn about the business and get to know the different players. This extra knowledge helps the advisor respond quickly when an issue arises.”

Paul Maiato

Paul Maiato

IT Strategy & Implementation

Paul’s broad experience in a variety of PC and Mac environments makes him a knowledgeable resource for Streamline’s client-partners and other technical advisors. Prior to joining Streamline IT, Paul served as a senior technical specialist at one of Canada’s largest IP law firms.

Yilmaz Erdogmus

Yilmaz Erdogmus

Senior Technical Advisor

Although Yilmaz originally studied to be a naval officer at the Turkish Naval Academy, his deep and ongoing interest in technology eventually brought him to his profession as an IT technician.

“My naval training developed both discipline and resourcefulness, traits now invaluable to me as a dedicated technical advisor for Streamline IT client-partners.”

Kenny Tokuda

Ken Tokuda

Technical Services Coordinator

Since childhood, Kenny has been eager and willing to tackle computer-related problems. He provides technical support to other team members.

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